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Tasa is a picture-based task management app to run hospitality and accommodation businesses like hostels, hotels and vacation homes in developing countries.

Tasa is an innovative and comprehensive tracking solution designed to meet the specific needs of hotels, kindergartens, organizations, and various other sectors. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Tasa streamlines operations and provides effective management.

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Back-end key implementations ⚙️

We use advanced technologies for backend development.

👉 GraphQL Implementation: We utilize GraphQL as a query language for APIs and a runtime for executing those queries with your existing data. This aids in fetching more efficient and specific data, reducing the amount of data that needs to be transferred over the network and speeding up our applications.

‍👉 Serverless Architecture with Google Cloud Run: To achieve enhanced scalability, we employ serverless computing using Google Cloud Run. This allows for automatic scaling and management of our applications, enabling us to focus more on building great software and less on managing servers.

‍👉 Firebase Storage Integration: Our projects leverage Firebase Storage for storing and retrieving user-generated content like photos, videos, and other large files. With Firebase, we deliver robust and secure file upload and download capabilities in our applications.

‍👉 Complex MongoDB Aggregation Pipelines: We utilize MongoDB's powerful aggregation framework to process data and return computed results, allowing us to handle complex data transformation in an efficient and streamlined manner.

‍👉 Database Queries Optimization (Caching): To speed up our applications and reduce database load, we use caching techniques for optimizing database queries. This results in an improved user experience, with quicker data retrieval and responsive application behavior.

‍👉 Custom Firebase Authentication System: For robust and secure user authentication, we've implemented a custom Firebase Authentication system. This provides a backend service that helps in authenticating and managing users who access our applications.

‍👉 Support of Multiple Timezones (Date Formatting): To ensure seamless user experience across the globe, our applications are equipped to support multiple timezones and date formatting. This feature ensures consistency of date and time representation regardless of the user's geographical location.

‍👉 Multiple User Roles: Our systems are designed to support multiple user roles, providing differentiated access and permissions based on the roles assigned to each user. This ensures a secure, controlled environment where tasks and information access are effectively managed according to the responsibility of each role.

Team screen

Tasks History Screen

Front-end key features 💁‍♂️

We use advanced technologies for frontend development.

👉 Drag n drop: allows you to conveniently sort tasks by moving.

👉 Magic link auth: allows to authorize a user via magic link and QRCode.

👉 A11y (Accessibility) First Approach: Our platform has been designed keeping accessibility as the priority. We ensure that all users, including those with disabilities, can interact with our system smoothly and efficiently.

👉 Interactive Visual Design: We provide visually interactive elements to engage users and facilitate easy navigation. Our design includes clear buttons, icons, and other interactive components that are easy to identify and use.

👉 Intuitive Interface: Our user interface is designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Features and functionalities are organized logically, making it straightforward for users to accomplish tasks.

Group Screen

Create Task Screen

Challenges 🧐

At Tasa, our journey is filled with unique challenges that inspire innovation. Despite these challenges, Tasa is forging ahead, striving to transform task management systems globally 🚀.

👉 Serverless Architecture: Adapting Google Cloud Run for effective scalability and cost optimization.

👉 Data Management: Efficiently managing extensive data using Firebase Storage.

👉 Data Aggregation: Crafting complex MongoDB pipelines for streamlined data processing.

👉 Query Optimization: Constant optimization of heavy queries and implementation of caching for smooth application performance.

👉 Access Control: Implementing a custom Firebase Authentication system and managing diverse user roles.

👉 Timezone Compatibility: Supporting multiple timezones for consistent global operation.

Calendar Screen

Technologies and instruments 🛠️

We use the last version of the modules every time.

Front-end: React Native, React Query, Firebase, Firebase Auth, Firebase Dynamic Links, GraphQL, i18n, QRCode scanner, Camera.

Back-end: TypeScript, GraphQL, MongoDB, NestJS, Prisma, Google Cloud, Firebase

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