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About Project

Lever is an innovative, user-friendly application designed for loan negotiation and debt management. Developed by individuals experienced in loan holding, Lever offers a comprehensive solution for managing loans and liabilities. It consolidates all loan-related information into a single platform, making it easier for users to manage their financial obligations.

Goals and Solutions 🌟

The primary goal of Lever was to simplify the process of loan and debt management. The application was designed to allow users to easily find and manage their loan information, assess the best repayment plans, and enroll in these plans directly through the app. The app also provides detailed charts and graphs for a better understanding of users' financial situations.

Results for the Customer 🎯

Lever has streamlined the process of managing loans and debt, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Its comprehensive features have made it a one-stop solution for loan holders, simplifying their financial management tasks.

Business Challenges 📊

Challenges in the project included integrating complex financial data, ensuring user-friendly interfaces for various financial processes, and maintaining high security and privacy standards for sensitive financial information.

Results Obtained 📈

Lever has successfully provided a much-needed solution in the FinTech space, particularly for loan and debt management. Its integration of advanced features and user-centric design has made it a valuable tool for individuals managing loans.

Features 💎

👉 Find your debts: user can login with his personal data to find his Loans data.

👉 Assessment: To find the best plan to repay a loan, the user provides additional financial data.

👉 Enrollment: a user can Enroll in a Repayment-Plan via the app and save a few hours!

👉 A lot of charts: The most intuitive way to understand and analyze your loan and debt information.

👉 Subscription: Lever offers a subscription model that provides access to additional premium features.

👉 Beautiful animation: Lever's front-end design incorporates beautiful animations that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and user engagement.

👉 Face & Touch ID: is a biometric authentication technology. Lever leverages this technology to allow users to securely access their accounts with just a glance.

👉 Method API: we use the 3rd parties API to find a user's Debt and provide a list of Federal and Personal plans.

👉 Plaid API: we use the 3rd parties API to authenticate bank accounts for payments.

Technologies and instruments 🛠️

Frontend: React-Native, Adapty, Mixpanel, Redux, Sentry, styled-components, OneSignal, React Native Reanimated, Google Maps Api, Smartlook, Firebase, Method, Plaid.

Back-end: NestJS, MongoDB, Prisma ORM, Mongoose ODM, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Firebase, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, OneSignal, Sentry, Datadog, i18n, CI/CD.

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