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About Project

Lever is a pioneering debt negotiation application aimed at helping users achieve a debt-free status. It offers locally-based support, comprehensive debt-crushing advice, and a live chat feature accessible seven days a week. Lever stands out with its best-in-class security, ensuring user privacy with robust backing from Amazon and Stripe ecosystems.

Goals and Solutions 🌟

The primary goal was to create a user-friendly app that allows individuals to negotiate their bills and manage debts effectively. Lever offers a platform where users can set their terms for bill negotiations, select from a wide range of participating brands, and receive constant support from the platform's staff.

Results for the Customer 🎯

Lever successfully provided an accessible and secure solution for debt management, empowering users to negotiate their financial obligations and move towards becoming debt-free.

Business Challenges 📊

The challenge was to develop a highly secure, intuitive, and visually appealing front-end that simplifies the debt negotiation process.

Features 💎

👉 A lot of charts: Lever's front-end includes an extensive collection of charts that provide visual representations of your financial data. These charts offer a clear and intuitive way to understand and analyze your loan and debt information.

👉 Subscription: Lever offers a subscription model that provides access to additional premium features and services. The subscription ensures that users can unlock the full potential of the app and take advantage of advanced functionalities.

👉 Beautiful animation: Lever's front-end design incorporates beautiful animations that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and user engagement.

👉 Face ID is a biometric authentication technology available on compatible devices, such as iPhones or iPads with facial recognition capabilities. Lever leverages this technology to allow users to securely access their accounts with just a glance.

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