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About Project

Working Capital is a state-of-the-art online platform offering a comprehensive range of services, including loans and investment opportunities. It's designed to assist entrepreneurs in securing capital and investors in finding profitable ventures.

Goals and Solutions 🌟

The platform was developed to facilitate a seamless flow of investments and returns, incorporating features like investment flows, return of investment flows, a commenting system, and KYC verification. Key backend implementations included using NestJS for its modular architecture, a notification system, simplified login options, advanced data querying and filtering, performance optimization, and dynamic data insertion into Word documents.

Results for the Customer 🎯

Working Capital has become a vital tool in the financial sector, aiding businesses and individuals with its efficient loan and investment services.

Business Challenges 📊

The project encountered challenges in simplifying data transfer to Word documents, managing substantial data and traffic volumes, optimizing the database for resource-intensive queries, and ensuring efficient data archiving for sustained performance.

Results Obtained 📈

The WorkingCapital platform effectively addressed the financial needs of its users, ensuring a smooth flow of capital and maintaining financial system stability.

Back-end key implementations 🚀

👉 NestJS was chosen as the backend framework for the Loan and Invest platform due to its modular and scalable architecture, which perfectly suited the project's requirements.

👉 Notification system: To inform users about changes in the status of loans placed in the system.

👉 Simplified Login: Users can log in to the loan and investment platform quickly and conveniently by using their existing Google credentials, reducing the friction associated with remembering and entering a separate username and password.

👉 Querying and Filtering: PrismaJS offers a powerful query API that simplifies the process of retrieving and manipulating data from the database.

👉 Performance Optimization: PrismaJS offers performance optimizations through features like query batching and selective field retrieval. These optimizations reduce the number of database roundtrips and improve the overall efficiency of data retrieval operations. In a loan and investment platform, where large datasets and complex queries are common, these optimizations can have a significant impact on response times and scalability.

👉 Insert Data into Word Document: we've implemented to programmatically insert text into Word documents using Google Cloud Storage. This allows for dynamic text insertion and efficient document management within the platform.

Features 💎

👉 Investments flow: individuals or businesses can borrow funds from lenders and repay them over time with interest, creating a flow of capital from lenders to borrowers.

👉 Return of investments flow: within a specified timeframe along with the agreed-upon interest. This return of investments flow ensures that lenders receive their principal amount back and also earn a profit from the interest charged, while borrowers fulfill their financial obligations and maintain their creditworthiness. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability and sustainability of the financial system by facilitating the continuous circulation of capital for future investments and economic growth.

Commenting System: The project comments feature enables users to leave comments or feedback on specific project.

👉 KYC verification: a mandatory process for loan and investment platforms, requiring customers to provide identification and supporting documents to confirm their identity and assess their eligibility. This helps ensure the legitimacy of customers, prevent fraudulent activities, and comply with regulatory standards for secure lending and investing.

Challenges 🏋️

👉 Simplifying the process of transferring data onto a Word document.

👉 Handling substantial data and traffic volumes: Effectively managing and efficiently handling high volumes of data and traffic.

👉 Database optimization: Enhancing the performance of resource-intensive and frequently accessed queries.

👉 Data archiving: Preserving optimal system performance as time progresses.

Technologies and instruments 🛠️

Front-end: ReactJS, Next.js, Typescript, React Query, Material UI, React Hook Form, Dropzone, Next use contextual routing, i18n, CI/CD.

Back-end: NestJS, PostgreSQL, Prisma ORM, Google Cloud Storage, Typescript, Google APIs, i18n, CI/CD.

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