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About Project

Knurling Meditation is a comprehensive meditation solution offering various options and customizable settings, including sound, duration, and the number of bells, to enhance the meditation experience.

Goals and Solutions 🌟

The primary goal was to create an intuitive and effective meditation app that allows users to personalize their meditation experience. This included developing features for sound management and caching, adding meditation bells with different frequencies, and implementing an efficient backend using Firebase Functions.

Results for the Customer 🎯

Knurling Meditation has become a valuable tool for users seeking a customizable and enriching meditation experience, aiding in their mental and emotional well-being.

Features 💎

👉 Sound managing and caching: To store sounds and load them quickly for meditation, we cache them locally on the user's device to increase the quality of the application.

👉 Bells: Allows the user to add bells during meditation, with different frequencies as needed by the user.

Challenges 🧐

👉 Sound caching: To support on all devices of different versions.

👉 Admin part: Edit most application settings (meditation icons, sounds, etc.) for the client.

Technologies and instruments 🛠️

Front-end: React Native, React Query, React Native Sound, Blob, Firebase, Magic Links, i18n

Back-end: Firebase Functions

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