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About Project

HomePort is an information source for mariners (navigators & engineers) which is based on good seamanship of working seafarers.

App help finds the relevant information and tools for your future promotion.The app allows a working flow with articles, saves your contracts and visited ports around the world, and additional useful features for calculations needed for routine work.The app provides a working flow with articles, saves your contracts and visited ports around the world, and additional useful features for calculations needed for routine work.

Main screen

Tick visited countries

Front-end key features 💁‍♂️

We use advanced technologies for frontend development.

👉 Subscription: to offer a revenue stream for the app by allowing users to subscribe to premium content. This can help generate a consistent income and support the maintenance and further development of the app.

👉 Offline mode: enables users to access and interact with the application or platform even when they are not connected to the internet. Users can continue using all features and view content offline.

👉 Article search: empowers users to quickly and efficiently search for specific articles or content within the application. Users can retrieve targeted results by entering relevant keywords, making finding the information they need easier. This feature enhances the overall user experience by saving time and providing a convenient way to navigate and explore a vast library of articles content.

👉 Dark/Light reading mode: allows users to customize the appearance of the application or platform based on their preferred reading environment. Users can optimize their visual comfort and readability by toggling between dark and light themes, especially during extended reading sessions.

👉 Tick on the map: enables users to select countries on a map interface to designate visited ports.

👉 Calculation actions: provides users with built-in interactive tools to perform various calculations or computations within the application. This feature empowers users to perform complex calculations accurately and efficiently.

Time to the end of contract

Information for study

Challenges 🏋️

We always overcome the challenges that we face

👉 Optimizing the firestore requests: focuses on enhancing the performance of data manipulation from Firestore, a NoSQL document database provided by Firebase.

👉 Map performance: focuses on improving the speed, smoothness, and overall performance of map interactions, including zooming and rendering of map layers.

For each crewmember

Day theme

Technologies and instruments 🛠️

We use the last version of the modules every time.

Front-end: React Native, Redux, Redux Saga, Firebase Auth, Mapbox GL, NetInfo, Adapty, React Native Reanimated.

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