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You can also discuss the problems of creating rafts and buying everything you need for the farm in thematic chats with more than 12 thousand participants. XCH is a cryptocurrency in which mining (farming) is based on the amount of hard drive space allocated to it, rather than on computing power, as is the case with Proof of Work cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Features 💎

👉  Phone number auth - The simplest way of registration is SMS. We integrated the Twillio.

👉  Few clicks to order - in the best scenario user might complete order up to 6 clicks.

👉  Multi-language - app supports English, Portuguese, French.

👉  Stories - to improve UX and users involving we added the same to Instagram stories feature.

👉  Smart Search - users often do miss clicking and wrong searches. That's why we integrated - Algolia, the best smart search on the market.

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The Last Mile Delivery service offers advanced live tracking, real-time fleet monitoring, robotic deliveries, and digital proof of delivery, underpinned by comprehensive data analytics and route optimization.

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