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About Project

Bairro - startup of instant grocery delivery in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our team started work from the first MVP version and was responsible for the all project. The project successfully raised €4M and hired top-tier back-end devs to scale the infrastructure, and our team changed focus to front-end and made it exceptionally cool.

Authentication by phone number, only for approved accounts of staff

View a list of active orders or orders history

Front-end key features 💁‍♂️

We use advanced technologies for frontend development.

👉 An exceptional UX for goods collection: We are focused on the UX, not UI because it's more critical for pickers. They should collect goods fast as they can. We spent hundreds of hours on Customer Development to optimize the Picking Flow to ONE click - Invoice printing.

👉 Invoice printing: This is one of the key features of fast order collecting. We integrated SDK for invoice printing and adapted it to the required Portugal format.

👉 Barcode scanning: When pickers receive a new order, they wear a small Barcode scanner on their finger. We successfully integrated it, and the user sees Success ✅ in case of the correct barcode scanner and product marks as collected; In case of Wrong ❌, we show the Flash Message of wrong scanning; That feature prevented hundreds of wrong product picking 🌟.

👉 Registration: Pickers download the app, put their phone number, approve via SMS, put their name, and choose their warehouse. After, the admin can find requests and approve access to the app.

Invoice printing

Challenges 🏋️

We always overcome the challenges that we face

👉 Bluetooth printer integration: Our devs spent hundred hours on Urovo printer integration, which required some Java skills to fix some bugs.And 2nd point is invoice layout, which required some specific knowledge of HTML.

👉 Barcode scanner integration: We have integrated the Finger UROVO R70 Bluetooth scanner. Scanning the barcode and comparing it with the required product barcode is needed.

Product screen

Order not completed

Technologies and instruments 🛠️

We use the last version of the modules every time.

Frontend: React native, MobX, react-query, axiosSentry, Datadog, Adyen, OneSignal, Firebase Analytics

Order screen

Order in progress

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